The MN&S operated several lines around the west and south sides of the Minneapolis, MN area. For a short line, the railroad had an varied roster. The road dieselized with Baldwins, added a couple of F-M's from the Minnesota Western and after Baldwin exited the locomotive business, turned to EMD for switchers and lastly, a pair of SD39's. In 1982 the SOO Line bought out the little road. Today, parts of the line have reverted to short line ownership under the name Progressive Rail, who have revived the MN&S colors.


The most notable diesels on the MN&S roster were it's fleet of 6 center cab Baldwin transfer locomotives with their twin diesels, one under each hood. DT-66-2000 #21 was the last operable center cab on the line, retired in 1974. Here she is preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL on July 17, 1994.


The MN&S also had a single more conventional Baldwin DRS-66-1500. Here is #15, in storage behind Glenwood Shops in Golden Valley, MN on May 24, 1980. The unit is coupled to #21 on the left.


Newest power on the line were a pair of somewhat rare SD39's. Here is #40 returning to Glenwood Jct. with the SOO transfer on September 16, 1982.


SD39 #40 has just brought in a transfer to the BN's Northtown Yards in Minneapolis, MN on 9/16/82. The spotting features of the SD39 are illustrated here....only two radiator fans and one single turbo exhaust stack (The similar SD38 has smaller twin stacks).


SW1200's #34 and 30 are southbound crossing the Minnesota River at Savage, MN on September 17, 1982. This swing bridge was built as a dual rail-highway bridge, but Highway 31 on the opposite side of the tracks was closed by this time.


SW1200's #34 & 30 have a train northbound through suburbia on the 'High Line' at Bloomington, MN on September 17, 1982. The MN&S SW1200's were deluxe versions with Flexicoil trucks, full mu and Hancock air whistles.