Hammermill Paper Co. created the Allegheny RR in 1985 to purchase the old PRR line from Erie, PA east to Emporium where a connection was made with Conrail's Buffalo line. The line was in rough shape, part was still operated by Conrail, part by a shortline operator and parts were out of service, with washed out bridges and roadbed. Hammermill saw an opportunity to tie it's two plants at Lock Haven and Erie together and tap it's forestlands along the remote northern PA route. Conrail was contracted to run the nightly pulp and log train between the two plants, but all local service was performed by Allegheny crews with their own locomotives. In 1992, Genesee & Wyoming Industries bought the line, renamed it the Allegheny & Eastern and began operating it as part of it's Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR which connects with it at Johnsonburg, PA. Since that time, the pulp mill in Lock Haven has closed, so the eastern end of the line between Emporium and St. Marys has been taken out of service, but the rest continues in operation today.


A cross section of every type of diesel owned by the Allegheny is lined up near the shop in Warren, PA on May 16, 1993. CF7 #304, GP35 #305 and GP40 #301 have already been renumbered by the B&P by adding 200 to their original numbers.


GP35 #305 is tied up with a local on the B&P at Bradford, PA on August 28, 1999. When the B&P took over the two CF7's were sent to sister G&W road Louisiana & Delta, but the other four units continued to roam the combined B&P, A&E, P&S system.


GP35 #305 was holding down the Johnsonburg, PA switching assignment on July 24, 1994. This unit started life as Union Pacific #743.


GP35 #306 surrounded by fall foliage at DuBois, PA on October 17, 1998. Like #305 this was an ex-UP unit (#748), but unlike it's sister this unit is now off the roster.


GP40 #101 is on a work train laying rail during the first full season of rehabing the line after Hammermill acquired it in September 1985. As can be seen from this shot on June 19, 1986 near Ludlow, PA, the overgrown right of way was in desperate need of work

ally10829d .jpg

GP40 #101 is switching the yard at Johnsonburg, PA on a dreary April 9, 1988. Connections were made here with CSX, but in a few months (July) Genesee & Wyoming Industries would purchase the CSX line creating the Buffalo & Pittsburgh and eventually would purchase the Allegheny RR as well.


GP40's #101 & 102 power an NRHS fantrip eastbound near Johnsonburg, PA on October 1, 1988. The Allegheny was railfan friendly and ran several of these excursions during it's short lifetime.


The train continues past the old Pennsy depot at Ridgway, PA on 10/1/88. These two ex-Conrail (ex-PC) units were the initial power for the line and were painted in a lighter blue than subsequent diesels purchased.


GP40 #302 (the ex #102) on the B&P at Buffalo, NY on June 25, 1995. As can be seen when compared to the previous picture, this unit received a coat of the dark blue paint prior to the B&P takeover, unlike the #101 (see below).


The reason for the G&W renumbering the Allegheny units from their original 100 series numbers can be seen here, as the #301 (ex #101) is coupled to Rochester & Southern GP40 #102. The R&S GP40's already held down the low 100 series. August 18, 1996 at the Buffalo & Pittsburgh's Buffalo Creek Yard in Buffalo, NY.